Kane2011I am a PhD student at the Kellogg Biological Station of Michigan State University in Dr. Jennifer Lau’s lab. My research is at the interface between community and evolutionary ecology in studying how species interactions and abiotic and biotic factors may alter biodiversity and community composition. In particular, I am interested in how intraspecific variation in traits related to species interactions such as mutualisms, and the context-dependency of these interactions can affect populations and communities. Currently, I am exploring how mutualistic species interactions can directly and indirectly influence interactions with other species and the ecological consequences on community patterns of diversity and composition, how genetic variation in both species involved in this mutualism may alter these relationships, and how the abiotic environment may alter the importance of these mutualisms to communities. My research interests are broad and driven by questions, but they are always guided by the natural history associated with a system. 


Email: keller47@msu.edu